Hello! I created this card game to help the kids practice some basic rhymes while having fun. Here is how it works:

  • Print the pdf file and cut out the cards
  • Shuffle and Distribute all the cards to the players. It is ok if one person has an extra card
  • First, the players look at their cards and if they have a set of three matching rhyme cards they put them down showing them to the other players
  • Next, the players take turn taking a random card from their opponent. Anytime they make a match they put it down and then go again.
  • Beware: nothing rhymes with Orange! So you really don’t want to get stuck with that orange card!
  • There are two ways to end this game (depending on the age and personality of the players)
    • the player left with the orange card at the end of the game loses
    • OR when all the matches are found, the player with the most matches wins!
Rhyming card game preview by print-cut-paste-craft.com

Rhyming card game preview by print-cut-paste-craft.com


Ready to practice your rhymes and have fun?

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Have fun!