Feed the Monster! Food Group Activity

Feed the Monster! Food Group Activity

For those of you that know my work as an illustrator, I love drawing monsters ! I thought I would put those monsters to work to help you teach your kids about the main food groups with a cute free printable activity!

Here is a preview of the activity which includes:

1 sheet of food items to color and cut out

6 sheets of adorable monsters asking for a specific food group, so the kids can practice dividing the foods in different groups

1 sheet for the kids’ own plate with their favorite foods divided according to the FDA guidelines for healthy eating.

Start teaching your kids about healthy eating today ! Download the Hi-res pdf for this activity here:

Food Groups Activity – printable activity by Print-cut-paste-craft.com












Memory Card Game: Practicing Opposites. A Free Printable Game!

Memory Card Game: Practicing Opposites. A Free Printable Game!

This is a very simple memory game whose object is to practice the concept of opposites. It comes with 8 pairs of opposites: Happy/Sad, Out/In, Hot/Cold, Tall/Short, On/Under, Behind/ In Front, Close/Open, On/Off.

As you can see I did not write the words on the bottom because I think these cards could be useful to practice a foreign language and wanted to give teachers and parents the freedom to write their own words on the bottom. Also if you can laminate them, then you can use a dry-erase marker and have your budding writers write the correct words on the bottom themselves!

The images below are only the low-resolution previews, click on the button for the hi-resolution versions. As usual you are free to use these for any non-commercial purpose. If you like them, leave me a comment, I love to receive feedback and know how my things are used and why! What other opposites would you like to see? What other kind of games?


Printable Kids Activity: Make a Face/Exploring emotions.

Printable Kids Activity: Make a Face/Exploring emotions.

Back to winter and back to the long days at home. With the schools closed and the freezing temperatures outside this is a good moment to find some new easy printable kid activities to do! This easy to cut face can turn into hours of fun! Click here to download the face template and here  for the parts template. If you want a more durable activity, print the parts on cardstock instead of regular paper. If you don’t have cardstock, don’t worry, paper will do just fine. Have your child color the face parts before he cuts them and then have him cut along the dotted lines or help him cut them out. You can either: print multiple faces and glue different parts to make a gallery of different people or just place the different cardstock parts on the face and have fun! It can also be used to discuss emotions: prompt your child to create a sad face, a happy face, an angry face and a sad face. Try moving the eyes and the mouths in different positions to see how the face will change emotions!

empty face template preview

Preview of the empty face template

preview of the face parts template

Preview of the face parts template

More Free Space Themed Address Labels for Kids’ Stuff AND a Free Coloring Page

More Free Space Themed Address Labels for Kids’ Stuff AND a Free Coloring Page

I have been working on some new lovely space themed digital backgrounds for our Etsy Store, and to celebrate I have decided to create some more free address labels and a new printable coloring page!

I like using these to label the boxes of clothes and toys in my son’s room, but they would work well also for a classroom environment.

Get the free printable pdf for the labels here. It is compatible with most standard address labels. Remember it is for personal use only and not for commercial reuse.

And here is my new coloring page!


Click here to download the pdf of the free coloring page. I like it because my son loves anything space related but also because it is useful to practice sizes ( small, medium, big) as well as location words (above, in the middle, left, right, etc.)


Free Printable Solar System Model for Kids

Free Printable Solar System Model for Kids

I wanted to create a printable solar system model, something that I could print and put together easily to show my son what planets are in the solar system, which ones are closer or further from the sun and from us and which one is the biggest or the smallest. I chose not to use an actual scale, otherwise it would have been hard to make it printable, but I still tried to give an idea of the different sizes. I also tried to replicate as much as possible the actual colors of the planets as we see them from the earth, to create a realistic effect without using the actual pictures. Here is the result:

Here is how to recreate this simple solar system model:

1) print the free hi-res jpg on cardstock with a color printer (click here for the planets and the arms);

2) cut out the planets and the arms;

3) with a pointy knife or the tip of the scissors make a hole in the center of the sun and on one end of the arms; if you want you can also make a hole on the other hand of the arms and in the center of every single planet, but this is optional;

4) place a metal brad in the middle of the sun and connect all the arms to it before opening it;

5) place the planets at the end of every arm with tape, or with their own brad if you made the holes for it in step 3;