Here is a new free printable Easter game! All you need to do is print the eggs in color on cardstock paper and cut along the dotted lines. You will end up with 42 half eggs. Spread them on the table face up and challenge your kids to find as many matches as quickly as possible: the person with the most matches when the cards are all gone wins! Another, slightly harder, way to play it is to put the cards face down like in a game of Memory; the players take turns to flip the cards and a match is made when the two sides of the eggs match.

It is fun, it is simple and you can print it at your own house! Tie the cards with a ribbon or put them in a small snack ziplock bag and add them to the kids’ Easter Basket! Together with the free printable maze they make a great addition to any basket!

Just right click on the image to print it and enjoy!