I love cute little robots, I like drawing them and imagining what they could do, so I am trying to get my son to love them too of course. I made these little ones out of paper, but I recommend using cardstock instead. They are made of a few, easy to cut, parts and held together by little brads. I happened to have brads at home because of a previous scrapbooking project. You can find colorful ones in any scrapbooking/hobby store and they really add to the look of your robots.

robots made of paper and brads

Two of my cute little paper robots


Robots made of paper and brads

Another pair of cute little paper robots

These are just four of many combinations you can create whit the parts that I designed!

All you need to create your own cute little paper robots is a printer,some cardstock, scissors and brads.

I have created two templates for you: one in black and white ( download the pdf here) so you can let your kid color it anyway he likes and one pre-colored ( download the pdf  here) in case you want to skip the coloring.

If you do create your own robots please post a comment below! And don’t forget to send us a picture of your little creations at info@print-cut-paste-craft.com, we’ll make sure to post it!