Summer break is here and with that it is up to us parents to find ways to entertain our little ones while they are at home. I’m sure we all have plenty of memorable activities planned, but sometimes you just need to keep little hands busy for a while so you can get some adulting done and Print-cut-Paste-craft is here for you! I will be posting a series of fun and, why not, educational activities to keep your little ones hands and minds busy and active, and as usual all you need is a printer, scissors, glue and your imagination (and sometimes some crayons or colors). Let’s get this summer started!

Here is the first summer activity and it is a color sorting activity: print the two templates and have your kids color the objects and then sort them in different groups according to their color, the result should be a beautiful rainbow of things! This is a great activity to practice those fine motor skills your preschooler needs to be ready for kindergarten, but personally I have also used it to practice naming the colors and some basic foreign language vocabulary with my kids! I have tried to include animals, foods and objects of every color so, for an extra activity you can also have your kids sort them out into different categories. The possibilities are endless! I hope you enjoy this color sorting coloring/cutting/pasting activity and look forward to more simple summer activities to follow soon!

Click here to download the pdf of the activity or right-click on the image to print a jpeg version of it.


Preview of Free Printable activity color sorting by
Color sorting free printable activity page 1 of 2 by
Page 2 of 2 of the color sorting activity by color chart.