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Digital paper sheets: vintage paper with botanical illustrations


This set includes 3 digital paper backgrounds of beautiful vintage botanical illustration, coordinated to a set of 12 backgrounds in light brow, beige and moss green tones.
Print them in letter format, any time you need an original set of printable paper for your invitations and decorations. They are ideal to decorate photo albums, journals and for scrapbooking in general.

Here you find 2 free samples: click on the images to download them in 7×5 inches format, ideal to create a very fancy greeting card.

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Have Fun!


Greeting Cards: minimal design and clever quotes


Print those Greeting Cards on a 7×5 inches pasteboard: for those who like the minimal design and the nice lettering.

Click here to download for free the pdf file.

Have fun!


Printable Labels: Airmail Style Shipping Labels



Here is a very nice idea for unique shipping labels: use the rectangular label to write the receiver address, and the circular label to close the envelop with your address. You can also use them for a scrapbooking project or to label a box of mementos from a trip.
Click the image to download the pdfs printable file.

Rectangular format:
WL-150 | Shipping Label
Size: 4″ x 3.33″

Circular format:
WL-350 – Round Labels
Size: 2.5″ Circle

Have Fun!

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