Hello Print Cut Paste Craft! Christmas is almost here and, this year more than ever, I know we all need some new fun activities to do at home and help us get into the Holidays spirit. Never fear, Print-Cut-Paste-Craft is here with our best Christmas Craft to date!

Ladies and gentleman, may I introduce……… THE 3D PAPER CHRISTMAS TREE!!!! All you need, as usual, is a printer, some colors, some scissors and some glue to create this beautiful tree to put on your desk as you work, or go to school remotely, and get into the Christmas Spirit!

I made this activity with my two boys and my husband yesterday: each one of use decorated their side of the tree in a slightly different style and with different colors and ornaments. Not only we had loads of fun together, but now I love  having this little tree right on my desk reminding me of the holidays and of why I do what I do!

I think this would make a great little project for home schooling and remote learning as well as for the adult that just wants to cheer up their desk and spend a few relaxing hours doing a free craft!



 Here are the instructions on how to assemble the 3D Christmas Tree:

  1. Once you have printed the template, color and cut out the 4 sides of the tree .
  2. Color, Cut and Paste the Ornaments on the tree. Be careful not to put too many ornaments along the middle of the tree or it will be harder to fold.
  3. Fold the four trees in half along the dotted line.
  4. Glue one half of each tree to one half of another (see image) so that you create a cross with each tree bent at a 90 degree angle.
  5. Color the tree skirt, then cut along the dotted lines in the middle by folding the skirt in half and cutting perpendicularly. Be careful not to cut all the way through.
  6. Cut the tab at the bottom of the trees in half along the line, then insert the tabs in the cross cut in the middle of the tree skirt and bend them at a 90 degree angle in a cross pattern.
  7. Tape the tabs to the bottom of the skirt.


Step Two Free Printable 3D Christmas Tree
Step One Free Printable 3D Christmas Tree
3d Christmas Tree Preview 1

The Free 3D Printable tree comes with two levels of difficulty:

Click here to get the template for the blank tree and the separate ornaments: this will allow you to completely personalize the ornaments on your tree but it will require some complex cutting since the ornaments can get quite small.

Click here if instead you want a template in which the tree is already decorated and all you need to do is color and assemble the tree.

Have fun!