More Free Space Themed Address Labels for Kids’ Stuff AND a Free Coloring Page

I have been working on some new lovely space themed digital backgrounds for our Etsy Store, and to celebrate I have decided to create some more free address labels and a new printable coloring page!

I like using these to label the boxes of clothes and toys in my son’s room, but they would work well also for a classroom environment.

Get the free printable pdf for the labelsĀ here. It is compatible with most standard address labels. Remember it is for personal use only and not for commercial reuse.

And here is my new coloring page!


Click here to download the pdf of the free coloring page. I like it because my son loves anything space related but also because it is useful to practice sizes ( small, medium, big) as well as location words (above, in the middle, left, right, etc.)


Vintage Bookmarks




I always find the time for a good book. Here’s my bookmarks’ collection.
Click on the images to download the pdf file, printable for free!

Have fun,