Print, Cut, Paste, Craft

All you need is a printer, some scissors and some glue…

Two sisters, one big ocean, a million ideas


This is the blog of two sisters who live on two opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean: Gabriella lives in the Chicago suburbs, she is a housewife, a teacher and the mother of two very active young boys; Paola lives in Tuscany, Italy and she is a graphic designer by day and avid crafter in her free time. They grew up in a house were crafting was a family activity, thanks to a mum with a passion for coloring and painting and a dad with a knack for woodworking and “making things” in general. Now that destiny, and a marriage, has separated them, they found a way to share one of their passions through this blog: here you will find the creativity and the ideas, all you need is a printer, some scissors and some glue and you will be able to create (almost) anything!


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