Elegant Small Gift/Favor Box: Pink, Grey and Burgundy Motif.

Yes, another Origami Box! I love them…This one has a grey/pink/burgundy motif and you can choose between two different kinds of printable ribbons. It’s such a classic motif, it would be a great idea for favors for a bridal shower or even a little girl baby shower.

To read the instructions on how to make an origami box go to our “How to” section by clicking here.

Click Here to download the PDF file, containing the printable template for the box and the ribbons.

Have fun!


“Brazilian” Small Gift/Favor Box: Blue, Green and Gold

Origami box

For this pattern I chose a color palette inspired by the Brazilian Flag: blue, gold and green. It’s a great vibrant tropical theme that could be used to wrap a small present both for men and women alike.
Click here to download the free printable PDF file to build your box. The file contains 2 different ribbons: choose your favorite!

To read the instructions on how to build an origami box go to our “How to” section or click here.


Have Fun!



Origami box: Happy Mother’s Day!

This little origami box, about 2×2 inches, is a sweet way to tell your mom you love her. I put some little chocolate truffles in it, it is the perfect size for a small present and making it instead of buying it makes it feel more like when I was in school and would come home with my mother’s day craft!

Find here the instructions on how to make an origami box, and download here the printable template for this lovely box for free! Chocolate and daughterly love are not included!Remember, it is for your personal use only.

Have fun!