American Paper Town

From the point of view of someone from Europe, American houses look a lot like doll houses, and everything seems to come out of a movie at first. I find the architectural styles of older American towns fascinating and beautiful and this interest is what inspired me in this project. I designed 7 houses in 7 different styles: Italianate, Tudor revival, Greek revival, Craftsman, Victorian, Colonial and Log Cabin. I looked at pictures of real houses for inspiration although these are not exactly perfect copies in most cases. I also decided to draw four classic cars, although they are not all American in this case: I couldn’t help but add a VW Beetle and a Fiat 500!

You can color them or not, and you can print them on cardstock, cut them out and create your own little town. I think they would be cute even just as wall decorations. Click on the image to get the hi-resolution printable version.


Preview of Free Printable American Paper Town
Preview of Free Printable American Paper Town 2/2
Preview of Free Printable American Paper Town
Preview of Free Printable American Paper Town 1/2

Free Printable Quotes Bookmarks

Today I was doodling while my kids were happily bouncing around in one of those awesome bouncy house places we love to go to in the winter. The doodling resulted in these four bookmarks with quotes by four of my favorite authors: Neil Gaiman, Patrick Rothfuss, Terry Pratchett and Jenny Lawson a.ka. The Bloggess.

I liked them so much that I thought I would share them so you can print them and color them if you like. Click here (not on the image!) for the hi-resolution version of the bookmarks.

Is there any quote you would like to see as a bookmark? Let me know and if I like it enough I might create one and post it!

free printable bookmarks by
Preview of the Free printable quote bookmarks with quotes from Gaiman, Rothfuss, Lawson and Pratchett; by

Free Printable Whimsical Castle Adult Coloring Page

I am back! I have been gone for a while I know, but I plan on being back with some new exciting projects this year!

My first plan is to make a series of adult coloring pages. I have always loved coloring pages and this year I have noticed I am not the only one since many of my friends got some awesome coloring books for Christmas (me included). So I thought, why not make some nice free ones for my readers? Here is my first one!

It is a whimsical fairy tale castle. Ok maybe it is not so “adult” but the drawing is intricate enough to keep anyone busy for at least a few hours I would say! As I was drawing it I couldn’t help but let my imagination wander into what kind of story could take place in a castle like this, imagining what kind of wizards, knights and princesses would live there…. yeah, I am a child at heart! I have also used some special symbols on the castle doors, can you tell me what they are?

The image below is a low resolution preview, but if you click on the image it should open the link to the high resolution printable version. I recommend using something thicker than normal printer paper, especially if you plan on using markers, but it’s up to you.

I would love to see some finished versions of this! I know I will be working on a couple of mine today, please share yours and I will post them here!

Printable Castle Coloring Page
Free Printable Adult Coloring Page of a Whimsical Fairy Tale Castle by

EDIT: I spent the rest of the afternoon coloring one of these castles with my 6 years old son and here is the result! It was so much fun, especially hearing the stories he would make up about what is inside each of the towers… Can you guess which one is the princess’ tower and which one is the king’s ?

Colored version of the Free printable whimsical castle coloring page
Colored version of the Free printable whimsical castle coloring page