Space Scene Craft: Print, Color, Cut and Paste Project

After playing around with different ideas for a space scene craft ( see previous post) I have completed a Print-Cut-Paste project.

Here is the downloadable pdf file ( for private us only, not for commercial use).

Preview of a Cut and Paste Space Project
Download the free pdf at

All you have to do is print it, have your child color it and then cut it. Let your child paste it on some black construction paper and there you go: a beautiful space scene that you created while having fun and learning together!

Cut and Paste Space Project Sample
An example of a completed Space Scene Project


Printable Weekly Planner

week planner

This is just a weekly planner I use to keep on my board. It doesn’t do any miracles, but it helps.
To download the printable pdf, click here (for private use only, not for commercial reuse)


Origami Box: Air Mail Style

origami box air mail style

A friend of mine is about to celebrate his birthday. He’s a young engineer and he has basically two obsessions:  becoming a pilot and…ice cream!
Me and my friends decided to organize an ice cream tasting in the best “gelateria” in town, and my job was to create a fun invitation to let everybody know about the party. My idea was to put the invitation inside a small candy box. What about an air mail style origami box?
Here it is!

origami box air mail style

This box is composed by 9 printable  items:

  • The top
  • the bottom
  • 2 big ribbons
  • 2 small ribbons
  • 2 inside masks
  • 1 card

The inside masks are two paper squares designed to decorate the inside of the box. Check the next pic to see how nice they look.


The box size is about 7 x 7 x 3.5 cm (2.8 x 2.8 x 1.4 inches).
Making it was very easy.
You can find a quick tutorial to make an origami box here (youtube link), and the  free pdf printable artwork here (private use only, not for commercial use.)

Have fun!